“I Will Curse Them That Curse Thee”

Evangelical christians tend to believe that those who curse the jewish people will be cursed by God. I don’t think God per se curses those who curse the jewish people. However the prayers of jews for the enemies of the jewish people to be cursed do in effect curse those who curse the jews. So if enemies of the jewish people are cursed it is through the prayers of certain jews for those people to be cursed. The cursing doesn’t happen automatically by the hand of God. God has to be petitioned for it. And there are people who say prayer can even change the mind of God.

Recently on the radio program Coast To Coast AM which features paranormal and fringe topics there was a guest on named Patrick Fox Chouinard. He is interested in the ancient origins of civilization and believes that suppressed archeological discovers point to a history different than what we are taught by the mainstream. On the coast to coast website there was a link to his website. The name of his website was a facebook page called “White Origins” and there was a symbol of a black sun on it. From those two facts alone it indicates that he was into the idea that white people travelled throughout the ancient world seeding various civilizations throughout the globe that were later taken over by non-white people. This is a common theory regarding history among internet white nationalists.

I think its possible that white travelers in ancient times had influence over a wide range of civilizations but to claim those travelers formed the foundation of those civilizations would be a massive exaggeration and would be severely underestimating the capabilities of various non-white groups. Also the black sun symbol is commonly used by nazi occultists.

Anyways about 10 minutes into the coast to coast interview he was unable to continue on with the interview because he went into some sort of diabetic shock. I think this episode may be related to the prayers of some people in the jewish community, prayers for their enemies to be cursed. I don’t think he has diabetes due to such prayers but I do think the timing of having that diabetic complication is related to such prayers.

Similarly it is possible that much of the social disintegration happening in America right now is related to people throughout the muslim world chanting the slogan “death to America”. That slogan repeated functions as a curse.

I don’t advocate people use DMT but people who use DMT talk about a place called hyperspace. Hyperspace could be the mental world or the metaphysical plane. Perhaps even the astral plane. Anyways its a place people go to when on DMT. Sort of like an inner world but in this world there are all sorts of strange visions. Anyways when people keep repeating a slogan what they are possibly doing is creating a thoughtform in hyperspace. This thoughtform is the idea “death to America”. All minds, all consciousness, is telepathically linked via hyperspace. And so when people create this thoughtform in hyperspace the thoughtform then starts to exert influence in hyperspace and exerting sway over the collective mind.

The world is a manifestion of the collective mind. And within the collective mind there are smaller collectives or subsets of consciousness.

So the thoughtform is encouraged to grow by people chanting it over and over again. The more people who chant it, the more times it is chanted, and the intensity to which it is chanted influence the level of energy that is collected by this thoughtform in hyperspace. And as this thoughtform collects more and more energy it grows more and more powerful. And so today in America we are seeing a lot of social disintegration and collapse of the society. This could be the indirect result of all the people praying for bad things to come to America because they have created a thoughtform or golem in hyperspace that is negatively affecting the psychic field in America.

The power of hate and negative emotions and negative words and rituals to cause harm is well documented. A voodoo practitioner often uses a doll or a picture of someone to focus their energy towards that person. They sometimes get some hair or saliva of the person to help them establish that energetic connection with the person but that stuff isnt necessary. Any rituals or magickal items used n such ceremonies are not necessary. They are just props or tools used to help one use the force of intent to focus ones energies towards someone and in the case of black magick one is focusing ones energies in a negative way.

Hating someone or holding a grudge against someone is a form of black magick. Through judging and shaming someone one is attempting to condemn that person to a psychological hell in the same way people try to establish guilt in a court of law to imprison someone in a prison.

The whole world is a court and peoples opinions are all part of this court. To incite anger or hostility or condemnation or guilt against someone or against some group of people has the same sort of effects on the psychic field that doing so would have if one were in a court of law. And the effects one produces on the psychic field can eventually manifest on the physical plane in various ways. A hated person or group of people can face all sorts of punishments that happen outside the court of law… things including social ostracism or many other things.

Also people who are made to feel guilty sometimes punish themselves.

But essentially voodoo rituals and magick rituals that engage in all sorts of ceremonies and props essentially amount to saying prayers.

One example of a black magick ceremony is the Pulsa diNura ritual. This is a kabbalistic ritual that people in some extreme sects of judaism use if someone has deeply offended the jewish community.


All the particulars of the ritual are just meaningless.  What matters is that the ritual itself  is a focal point for a group of people to focus all their anger and hatred towards a particular individual person or group of people. And this hatred forms “energetic darts” that pierce the energy body of someone.

A famous case of this ritual was when Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel, gave the Gaza Strip back to The Palestinians. This angered some in the jewish community who decided to engage in  this ritual and put a curse on Ariel Sharon. Soon after they put this curse on him he went into a coma and spent the rest of his life in a coma. This happened 6 months after he was cursed.

It is not good to be hated by people and if one is hated one needs some form of psychic protection against that and one needs to leave an environment where one is hated.




Demoralization is the process through which one comes to the idea that ones life does not have value. Demoralization obfuscates the moral value of survival. It obfuscates the moral value of freedom from oppression. It also obfuscates the reality of ones oppression. How does demoralization happen? I can describe how the process happens to people who are classified similarly to me. I am a white American male by classification. I am not a white nationalist but my classification has effected the way the demoralization process has worked towards me. But demoralization not only happens on the public level through media and education. It also can happen privately within ones family and friends and in ones community. I experienced demoralization within both the public level related to being a white male American and also related to being a human but I also experienced demoralization within my private life related to my family friends and community and that was not related to my status as a white male. The private demoralization I have experienced has been more extreme than the level of demoralization I experienced on the public level.

The following is a list of ways demoralization, it mentions ways from both the private and public forms of demoralization.

1.  Green guilt

Green guilt is feeling as though human life, including ones own, has no intrinsic value due to the degradation to the environment caused by humans. This is demoralizing and it can distract one from the moral value of ones own survival and the moral value of ones own well being.

2. White guilt

3. White mans burden

The idea that its the job of westerners and Americans to go around solving everyones problems throughout the world. It distracts one from the importance of being focused on ones surroundings.

4. Being blamed for what others have done & being the scapegoat

5. Being made to feel guilty for standing up for oneself

6. Ones emotions, past experiences, ones desires, ones need for free time, one sufferings, ones perceptions of the world, ones interest in hobbies, ones need for space all being invalidated and/or minimized

7. Constant verbal and psychological attacks on ones self, constant exposure to anothers emotional dumping whether its their sorrow or their anger, and a lack of stability.

Demoralization can suppress a natural sort of thinking experienced by most people that is reflexive in nature. This sort of thinking involved the immediate physical sensation that those things which threaten the survival or well being of ones self or ones social group is something which is inherently bad.

This sort of thinking also involves seeing as good any influence that can be seen to be helpful, but not only seeing it as good but just feeling it on an instinctual level in a reflexive way. But this sort of natural reflex is abolished in someone who has been degraded and made to feel subhuman.


Other forms of dehumanization/demoralization

1. Being told one is crazy or made to feel that way

2. Being arrested or experiencing harassment by law enforcement

3. Being socially shamed on a regular basis being made to feel like one is a bad person

4. Being insulted or put down on a regular basis

5. Being treated like a clown

6. Being made to live in a demeaning manner

7. Being made to feel unworthy or worse than others

Dream I had About Archons

This dream I had on the night of Saturday October 10th 2015. As I am writing this it is Sunday afternoon, but I scheduled this to be published a little bit later because I don’t want too many things published in too short a time.

I was at a department store with my friend Joe. There was something about being in line at one of the cashiers but I forget what it was. We left in a hatchback car, but there was one or two other people with us. Maybe Mike too. I remember something about a purple blanket and Joe telling me that black people like to wear purple colored clothes in the winter. I might have been wearing military camo styled clothes.

Then somehow in the dream I came across the idea that mirrors are gateways to another dimension. Meaning that if you stare at a mirror you can peer into the world of the archons. The term archon is a gnostic term referring to inter-dimensional entities resembling aliens, resembling the grey aliens. Some people allege these entities feed off of human lifeforce. Like some sort of astral parasite or demonic entity that has attached itself to people like a leech.

In the dream someone said something about the homosexual community in America being under archonic influence. I don’t know if this because homosexuality itself was due to archonic influence or if it was something else about the homosexual community that was under archonic influence but that it wasn’t the homosexuality itself that was related to this.

This dream may be related to an experience I had when I was 15 while at the MGM hotel in las vegas. In the bathroom there was a mirror on the wall in front of the toilet. The mirror covered the whole wall. And I started staring at my reflection and sort of zoned out into some sort of trance while staring at my reflection. And as I was staring at my reflection my face’s reflection started to morph. At first it was just the image becoming a bit blurry and different parts of slipping away and curling into other parts… followed by me becoming startled and it snapping back into the way it normally looks, then I tried zoning out into it again  letting the haziness come back.

Eventually I like a white ethereal smoke of grey light surround my image in the picture and surround the room so that nothing was left except me, the reflection, and surrounded by greyish haze, everything was. And my reflection had totally morphed into a hooded grinning figure that looked a bit short. The face was grey with a hood and it was grinning. It looked humanoid but not human. I wonder if this is the world of faeries. Archons may be the faeries.

In the dream I got the impression that the archons were here but in another dimension of reality. I don’t know if the word dimension refers to another aspect of space itself that people generally do not see or if the term dimension was being used to refer to a spectrum of electromagnetic energy vibration that people are not normally tuned in with.

I sometimes listen to the music of George Clinton. He was in a band called Parliament Funkadelics. They make soul/funk music. When listening to it I got the impression that it was music that was channelled from a vibration of reality that people don’t seem to normally be tuned into. But then again maybe music in general has this quality. The word music is based on the word muse and the muses are Goddesses who inspire artists, the implication being that art and music are channelled from some otherworldly places and brought into this world. But maybe otherworldly refers to other vibrations within this world.

I don’t advocate the use of LSD, it is too destabilizing, but one time I while I was tripping on LSD in the redwoods with a group of hippies I felt like we were sizzling under the cosmic energy of the universe. I felt like humans were like eggs in a frying pan. A could feel the energy of the universe vibrating and almost shaking all around us like the quivering of a guitar cord or the quivering of any sort of metal cord that has been pulled tight.

And these other vibrations of the universe that music is channelled from… are these vibrations of the earth itself? Are these alternate vibrations that come showering down upon us from the stars or the sun? Are they telepathic vibes emitted from extra-terrestrials or the archons? Who knows. We were in the redwoods at the time.

Another time when I was hitch-hiking in Utah I got picked up by a guy from a mormon family and his girlfriend. I don’t advocate people hitch hike. We smoked methamphetamine together. I don’t advocate people to that either. And after smoking methamphetamine when I looked at him and his girlfriend I saw the same sort of creatures hovering inside them that I saw when I stared at the mirror at the mgm hotel.

At the mgm hotel after I had that experience from gazing into the mirror I was very scared. I ran to my bed and put some music on the walkman, I think it was a nirvana tape or possibly u2. And I said some sort of prayer maybe the Our Father.

Psychedelics And Telepathy

Disclaimer: I do not support the use of psychedelics, the risks outweigh any benefits. The following is some links where users of psychedelics reported experiencing telepathic phenomena.





Telepathy has been reported by buddhists as well


Alternate Dimensions Or Is It Vibrations?

I hear a lot of people talk about exploring alternate dimensions of reality or there being unexplored dimensions. This term dimensions never made much sense to me. According to the dictionary dimension just means direction and we clearly do not exist in a 3 dimensional universe because in order to measure something you need to measure things in a lot more than 3 directions unless you are measuring a cube.

And so the idea of there being different vibrations to reality and unexplored vibrations makes more sense to me. For example when people trip on some sort of drug what is likely happening is that if what they are experiencing is not a hallucination than it is likely their brains are tuning into a different frequency of reality or tuning into a different vibration. This may connect to the use of mantras by people in certain meditative traditions. Repeating a sound or phrase to help the mind tune into a certain vibrational level.

I do not advocate the use of DMT or psychedelics. The risk they pose outweighs any potential benefits.

This also relates to psycho-acoustics. The effects of sound and music on consciousness. Music helps tune the mind into certain vibrations of reality. Musical instruments therefore can be viewed as technologies that are used to explore perception.
Certain types of music I feel actually seem to be channelling information from other vibrational planes of existence within the universe. I got this impression from listening to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelics. And of course the word muse is related to music.
These “alien beings” one sees on DMT may be nothing new. In the yoga sutras of patanjali, a book on meditation from india written hundreds of years ago, in chapter 3 verse 52 it mentions that one may encounter “celestial beings” while in the trance state of meditation. The yoga sutras actually advise people to ignore these celestial beings and continue on with ones meditative practice. The book treats them as a distraction.


Different individual people all emit different types of vibrations. A dodecahedron has many faces. And the same is true with people, we all have many faces. We all have many facets to our personalities. And it seems that people are like keys in that each individual unlocks a different face of our personalities through their vibrational state. And it goes without saying some doors should not be opened.

But it seems like this use of the word dimension to describe alternate forms of perception is something we inherited from scifi comic books from the 50s that would describe alternate realities as alternate dimensions. I have not seen a concrete way of explaining how what people see in altered states would actually be a separate dimension.

Everything points to it being different vibrations or frequencies. The mind itself is like a radio receiver and just as you tune in a radio to different frequencies to listen to different stations so you tune your mind in to different frequencies to listen to different aspects of reality. Brain waves are vibrational frequencies. Sound, chemicals, what one focuses on, etc all effect the vibrational frequencies going on in the mind.
Rate at which one breathes can also affect the minds vibrational state.

Vibrations is also related to cultural and political movements and the propaganda process. Reading propaganda from a certain social movement draws one into the reality of that social movement in the same way repeating a mantra draws one into the vibrational state associated with that mantra or prayer. Cultural and political movements though try to assume airs of objectivity about what they are doing but in reality it is all just different sounds sucking people into different levels of vibration. Its all just subjective stuff.

Joining a social movement is more related to personal preference… not really like any sort of “objective truth”. When it comes to the universe nothing is solid.


The Universe Is A Body

In both Norse mythology and Vedic(hindu) mythology they mention the universe being made out of someones body. In Norse mythology the universe is made out of the body of Ymir and in Hindu mythology the universe is made out of the body of Purusha. There are wikipedia articles on both Ymir and Purusha. These myths may be referencing the idea that the universe is a single body of whom people are merely cells or atoms in that body. Perhaps the word God is a name for the universe-body however I am unsure. Both Ymir and Purusha were sacrificed as was Jesus Christ.

So if the universe is a body and we are the cells of that body then our ultimate responsibility is towards tending to the vibrational states produced by our own beings. We don’t need to extend ourselves by going around trying to solve all the worlds problems. The world is just the world. Our job is to work on the vibrations that our beings produce simply because it is those vibrations that permeate through the universe. We can produce good vibrations or bad vibrations.

People tend to their vibrational state through meditation. Do not worry about the world focus on your own inner peace. Everything is interconnected. The universe which appears to be outside of you is actually within you and so you are attending to the problems of the outer world by going within into your innerspace. The innerverse is the outside universe. Outside is in.

Through meditation people generate and spread good vibes through the universe. Your body is your kingdom. To spread good vibes through the universe you don’t have to do anything more than feel good vibes because your body is in the universe and if you feel good vibes the vibes are in the universe.


Central to meditation is the breath. The slower beings breathe the longer they live. The story of the Tortoise and The Hare in Aesop’s Fables  is about how “slow and steady wins the race”. What is the race? What is slow and stead? It means that those who breathe in a slow and steady manner live longer than those who don’t. Turtles live longer than rabbits because they breathe slower. This is also why whales live longer than rabbits.

Tortoise And Hare


In japan there is a saying that “to hurry is bad for the health”. People who hurry don’t live as long. A slow burning engine is able to make the fuel last longer. Some cultures value silence because they view talking as something that expends energy and they prefer to save energy. Thinking too much and talking too much are considered bad for the health in traditional oriental thinking.

Energy is moved and manipulated through intention. Energy is attention. Intention moves and manipulates attention. It is through attention that our body-energy is worked with, the energy within and through our own bodies. But it is also through attention and intention that the energies of the universe are worked with. One of the most important things in energy work is to protect ones self from bad vibes. Boundaries are very important. Being empathetic to everything is not a good idea. Some doors need to be closed. Not only do people need to be closed to some feelings but people also have to be closed to certain thoughts. Certain doorways in both the mind and the heart need to be closed.


Everything Is Contagious

Emotions and states of mind are contagious. If you find yourself depressed it may be a good idea to examine who you are spending time with, who lives in your household, and the people you listen to on the internet and on the TV. The contagious nature of emotions is why segregation is important. People who wish to be happy need to stay segregated from those who are miserable.

Emotion-colonization happens when someone becomes a vector for spreading their emotional states into you. An angry person does things to try to make you angry in an effort to reproduce themselves in you. Things in nature tend to reproduce. People who are stressed or miserable sometimes try to do things to colonize others with their states of being.